Wanting a Corn Crib

wanting a corn crib (2)

What would prompt someone to want a corn crib? Locate, buy, and move it to new location.  Might have been a whim or likely a life crucible.

Actually, I experienced a series of events over a ten-year period that pressed me to act on my whim.  I will talk about these events in the future.

The one consuming life crucible was a ten-year journey of caring for my mother with Alzheimer’s until her death.

After her death I felt as though I had really opened my eyes and looked around for the first time in a long time.  I drove and looked at the landscape of our Ohio countryside.  What caught my eye were the rusty abandoned corncribs–a staple structure of earlier farm life in the Midwest.

I WANTED ONE!   I did not have a reason, certainly not a practical one and didn’t know what I would do with a corn crib.

Fate, karma, luck, destiny, I found one and asked the owner if I could buy it.  My husband thought I might be losing my mind, but after paying several hundred dollars I was the proud owner of a circa 1920’s corn crib.  How we were going to move it thirty miles didn’t matter to me.  I knew my genius husband would engineer the move and make it happen.  I will reveal that incredible process in future posts, too.

The crib was settled into it’s new home and is much more than a relic of farm history.  It has developed into all I wanted to create–a beautiful sanctuary.  The idea for corncriblogic.com was born from this idyllic setting.  Establishing a place for creativity, musings and sharing thoughtful practical common sense and logic – crib logic. Logic is not forced.  It is felt.

What is corn crib logic?  It is the applied practice of personal expression, experience, history and the strong application of common sense…that might not be as common as I think!  

The story of your life is not your life.  It is your story. –Novelist John Barth

Hope you enjoy my story and stories and ideas to come.  Go and find you sanctuary and I will share mine with you.

The best, June


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