Grandma’s Apron


When I think about aprons, I have several images that come to mind.

The utility apron worn daily by our grandmothers and great grandmothers is my first image.   Those aprons were part of the women’s daily uniform and adapted to the daily chores – whatever and wherever they were.

The second image of an apron is the entertaining apron.  This apron evolution created the illusion of utility serving the purpose of protecting the party dress, slacks and sweater-set, that branded and identified the hostess.  Adorned with applique Fall leaves for autumn, poinsettias for Christmas or a frilly gauzy see- through version with embroidery and ribbon, these were as much a part of the wardrobe selection as the string of pearls around the hostess’ neck.



Photos: Grandma and mom, respectively,  in their aprons.  

Whatever you image of an apron maybe, the following poem is a reflection of the versatility and women’s use of this tool for their work day.  Just as important as a hammer, car or computer to get the job done.


Oh, I almost forgot to mention the pockets.  No apron is complete without a pocket.  Whether a work or party apron.  My grandma’s apron pocket always had a cookie wrapped in wax paper — waiting for me.  I can taste it now.

I have included one of her recipes taken from her recipe box.  Find an apron.  Put it on and make some cookies.

The Best, June


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